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About the fiber

About the Fiber

The most complete and versatile fiber on earth.

When it comes to outerwear, today's outdoorsman has limited choices. The offering is dominated by mass-produced synthetics that are cheap to produce, scalable, and marketable, but offer marginal protection and rapidly diminishing value. Altiplano clothing is a new option offering unimagined protection, enduring beauty, and unequaled value.

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The most sustainable Clothing on the market

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Meet Stan


Meet Stan, The founder of altiplano insulation.

When Stan first acquired llamas almost 40 years ago, they were unknown in the U.S. Of necessity, he has been a pioneer in many aspects of the industry. Stan is the first to use llama fiber in the commercial production of high performance outerwear. This effort comes against a backdrop of other firsts.

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A Closer Look Into the Llama & Llama Fiber Ecosystem