Colorado State University


Colorado State University is concluding its Protected Areas Management Course for Spanish-speaking land managers and technicians.  This is the 26th year they have conducted the month long course which addresses all aspects of protected lands management. Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc. provides llamas and packing instruction for the week long backcountry recreation and management session. In working with this program we have been impressed with both the course’s mission and its effective accomplishment of that mission.  

Participants are resource managers and students whose primary language is Spanish and are involved in some aspect of managing protected lands in their native country. Of the approximately two dozen students accepted, most are from Latin America, but all the countries represented have significant and unique public lands resources that need protection and preservation. At the same time these lands must generate revenue for the economy and recapture the cost of the management programs.  Achieving a sustainable balance is the focus of this instruction.

CSU combines the resources and practices of research institutions, government agencies, private foundations, preservation groups, and private business to provide a collaborative, comprehensive course that presents a template for optimum management as well as addressing needs unique to specific countries and their individual lands.

Each course participant is given a toolbox of management techniques to help them implement a strategy and to set goals for the resources they oversee at home.  The emphasis is always on sustainability, stewardship, and continuity.  We appreciate the emphasis the course places on llamas and their low impacts when used in these protected areas.  Llamas are featured as low impact support animals for both resource maintenance and ecotourism applications.

Sustainability is the philosophical basis of both our packing business and llama fiber clothing business.  We are pleased to have llamas presented in their element and their ethic as part of this CSU program.