The Science Behind “Warm and Dry” and Why Llama Fiber Does It Better. Part I

Llama fiber’s ability to maintain a constant level of water vapor accounts for its dependable protection in weather extremes. 

To understand the reasons for llama fiber’s superior protection, these topics are addressed in this series of discussions: 

  • Properties of water vapor that allow it to both cool and heat the body. 
  • How llama fiber uses water vapor to maintain dependable comfort.  
  • How llama fiber creates a personal atmosphere for the individual.  


Part 1:  The Role of Water Vapor

Understanding the properties of water vapor and its role in regulating the earth’s atmosphere is necessary to understand how llama fiber works.


The Hydrologic Cycle

The Hydrologic Cycle Always Has Been, and Always Will Be, the Earth’s Most Efficient Method of Collecting and Distributing Solar Energy.


Water vapor is a foundational part of the hydrologic cycle that creates the earth’s protective atmosphere and makes the planet habitable. Water vapor is the gaseous state of water and is composed of water molecules that are dispersed because of the heat energy they carry. One gram of liquid water caries 540 calories of heat at the point of conversion to water vapor. This heat is called “the latent heat of vaporization” and is held by the water molecules as long as they are dispersed in vapor form in the air. 

A cooling effect is produced in the earth’s atmosphere when surface water absorbs the sun’s heat until it vaporizes and disperses into the atmosphere.  Water vapor released by plant transpiration produces the same cooling effect.  The water molecules carrying latent heat of vaporization, migrate from the earth’s surface atmosphere to its upper atmosphere. The vapor cools and condenses to form clouds that provide varying degrees of shade from the sun’s powerful rays and absorb additional heat from the sun. Dissipation of heat from the molecules in the water vapor causes them to condense back into liquid precipitation and begin the cycle again.  The extreme high temperatures from direct sunlight and the extreme cold temperatures that result at night in its absence are moderated by the thermoregulating actions of water vapor present in the earth’s atmosphere.


Wicking: Why Llama Fiber Does It Better

Watch our video to see how llama fiber's extraordinary wicking ability is one of the many attributes that make it a superior material for use in outdoor protective clothing.


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