Chet Collins

Archery Hunting
Fishing-All Seasons
Detroit Lakes, MN
Favorite Altiplano Garment
Cuzco Hooded Jacket
Chet Collins

Owner: Lakeside Tavern/Tavern Brewery in Detroit Lakes, MN. Avid outdoorsman and archer annually hunting AK/BC for bear, sheep, caribou, and goat and Western U.S./Mexico hunts for elk, deer, and bear.

How I Use Altiplano products
I started wearing Altiplano clothing last year in Alaska and was amazed at its performance. I have always worn Sitka gear when hunting AK and this trip I left it in my pack unless I was in a down pour. My Altiplano jacket was the most comfortable protection I have experienced while hunting extremely demanding conditions. It was always drizzling, snowing, sleeting, and windy during my hunts and I was always warm and dry wearing the llama fiber. I didn’t have the perspiration I normally experience with the waterproof Sitka and the fabric kept the moisture out the entire trip even though it was damp on the outside.
Most Impressive performance feature
I wore the Cuzco hooded jacket and loved its fit and freedom of movement. I didn’t have to wear layers to stay warm and it really gave me a lot of freedom to move easily. It kept me dry even though there was almost always moisture in the air. The hood was a great fit and didn’t limit my vision or freedom of movement. After AK, I wore the jacket all winter inside the restaurant and brewery and outside in -20 degree temps. It worked great for ice fishing as well.
Most Surprising Feature
I was amazed at the fabric’s ability to handle moisture and cold, but was absolutely incredulous at its durability. I arrowed a goat on some really tough terrain and had to pack the meat and cape up an extremely steep slope of volcanic cinder. It was sleeting and I was really working carrying the load. I assumed I was trashing the jacket because it was covered with blood and cinders, but I needed the performance and finished the pack with it fully exposed to the conditions. I was amazed that it cleaned up with no damage or stains and was my go to jacket for casual and business wear through the following winter.

Unfiltered Testimony

My Cuzco Hooded Jacket Experience
I have not had any product, whether outdoor/hunting gear or any other use, that has so completely impressed me in performing its intended function. The versatility and exceptional performance in every category is unheard of. I’m thoroughly impressed.
Scott Woodruff
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