Chuck Peterson

Rancher, Equine Instructor
Livermore, CO
Favorite Altiplano Garment
Vaquero Hooded Jacket
Chuck Peterson

Chuck is a rancher who raises and trains horses and mules on his ranch in the Livermore, CO area. He is an equine instructor at Colorado State University and conducts riding and packing clinics for individuals and organizations as well. He works as an outfitter/guide in the backcountry during the summer and fall and hunts game for his own table.

How I Use Altiplano products
I started wearing one of Altiplano’s vests 8 years ago. I really appreciated how warm and comfortable it was and got to where I either wore the vest or had it in my pack. I was impressed how durable it was and how much protection I received from such a small amount of material. It was great under my chore coat in the winter or under my slicker in mountain rain storms in the summer. I wound up losing that vest on a hunting trip when I left my pack in an area that subsequently burned before I could return to find it. I now have a Vaquero vest that I wear every day from late fall through late spring. I wear it over my work shirt most days and that is all the protection I need. I wear it under my chore coat on the coldest winter days. I always keep it with me even if I’m not wearing it. It’s as basic to my daily routine as my knife or pliers. It’s a tool. The weather on my foothill ranch is quite variable in the course of a day with temperature swings of 30-40 degrees most days. This vest handles these variables while I work.
Most Impressive performance feature
I also have the Vaquero hooded jacket and find this coat amazing in the level of warmth and protection it provides. My ranch is at 7500’ of elevation and it gets really cold and windy in the winter. I love this jacket when I’m riding a horse or my tractor in these conditions. When I’m sitting in the cold and not active, it keeps me comfortable. It’s ideal for late season hunts with snow on the ground and subzero temperatures. This jacket seems to be impenetrable to the wind. It is really amazing and the hood works great with my Stormy Kromer hat. I spend many cold and miserable days out packing, guiding, and taking students on horseback trips.  This coat is the envy of the mountain men and cowboys I often deal with and it has become a necessity, not just optional comfort.
Most Surprising Feature
I’m surprised at the basic comfort these pieces provide in addition to their warmth and protection. They are so soft and quiet that you forget you have the piece on. The light weight allows unexpected freedom of movement. When I bundled up to go out into cold and windy conditions, I used to expect restricted movement as a price of being warm. Now, it’s no big deal and I know I’ll be able to move freely doing my work. I can also go from outside to inside in winter conditions and don’t have to think about overheating.

Unfiltered Testimony

My Vaquero Hooded Jacket Experience
What’s really surprising is how good it looks and how clean it stays. I wear it on the ranch through the day and to dinner at night. It’s not unusual to get compliments or questions about the jacket. It just has a great look and appeal.
Chuck Peterson
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