Daniel Wright

Hunting Guide
Military Contractor
Alaska, Colorado, Canada and Middle East
Favorite Altiplano Garment
Half Zip Top
Chet Collins

Dan served 12 years in military special operations with multiple combat deployments and now works overseas as a civilian security adviser. The last seven years he has also worked as a big game hunting guide in Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, and Colorado.

How I Use Altiplano products
For my job overseas and especially guiding for big game hunts in the most austere environments North America has to offer, Altiplano Insulation is on my back or in my pack. The clothing I wear is extremely important in my career and I have tried it all: King of the Mountain, Sleeping Indian, Filson, Sitka, and Kuiu clothing. Nothing has kept me warm and dry like Altiplano, period.
Most Impressive performance feature
I have worn a number of pieces Altiplano offers including the; Half Zip Knit, Wind Shirt, Hooded Vaquero, and Hooded Cuzo jacket. Each of these designs has their place for the hunter, mountaineer, adventurer, and for everyday life around the family. Regardless of the design I wear, I am amazed that each one has a comfort range that is impressive and dependable, regardless of the conditions. I wear each piece with great confidence it can handle any combination of weather variables I may encounter.
Most Surprising Feature
The half zip has surprised me in its ability to keep me warm through a variety of temperatures whether I’m moving or still. Clients and crew are constantly adding clothes when we stop, then taking them off when we move on our treks up the mountain. I have felt no need to adjust layers and have been comfortable throughout. The half knit zip is a “go to” piece of clothing that I never leave behind. It is the only piece of base layer clothing I wear and I consider it my most important piece of survival clothing. I have finally shredded my half zip after wearing it every day for more than two years. It still is on my back, but I am going to get another one. It’s essential equipment.

Unfiltered Testimony

My Hooded Vaquero Jacket Experience
The Hooded Vaquero Jacket is the warmest and softest jacket I have ever owned. I have been in -30 degree Alaska blizzard weather, with a wind chill I can only imagine, and have been perfectly cozy. What I really like about the Vaquero jacket is that I get the warmth of down, but much greater durability and it’s quiet. We operate in heavy brush and before Altiplano I’d wear down for warmth and arrive at camp looking like I was wearing a ghilie suit. Not only is the Vaquero jacket warm and durable, I don’t have to worry about freezing if conditions become wet like I did when I was wearing down.
Daniel Wright
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