Greg Brock

Archery & Waterfowl Hunting
Golfing & Skiing
Loveland, CO
Favorite Altiplano Garment
Greg Brock

Greg is a University of Wyoming baseball graduate who played first base with the LA Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers. His professional career began after his graduation in 1979 and ended with his retirement in 1991. He has been a High School baseball coach since retiring and is currently coaching at Mead, CO. An avid outdoorsman, Greg hunts, golfs, and skiis.

How I Use Altiplano products
I have the Pullover, the half zip knit sweater, hooded jacket and the cuzco vest. My favorite is the pullover, that I use for all my cool weather activities: spring baseball, golf, hunting, skiing, snowshoeing, or evenings out. In colder, wetter weather, I like using the vest and half zip liner under my camo shell.
Most Impressive performance feature
The versatility of llama clothing is what stands out for me. It's light, warm, and really handles damp conditions well. Other clothing designed for wet weather protection causes perspiration that’s as uncomfortable as the precipitation. Altiplano keeps you protected from external moisture as well as internal. It's perfect for a Friday night football game in drizzle and cool temperatures.
Most Surprising Feature
Altiplano is my “go to gear”. I wear it year round and pretty much daily during the Fall, Winter, and Spring months. I wear it outside for daytime activities and to social events in the evenings that are mostly inside. It amazes me that it spans the wide temperature differences of these applications without adjusting layers and that it always looks good enough after a day in the blind to wear to a football or basketball game in the evening.

Unfiltered Testimony

My Windshirt Experience
I bought my first pullover 12 years ago and there’s not much left of it. But I can’t see retiring it and still wear it as a liner under my hunting shell. Worn out by all standards, it still provides comfortable warmth. I guess when it falls off will be its official retirement.
Greg Brock
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