John Miller

CEO Oxbow Animal Health
Murdock, NE
Favorite Altiplano Garment
Chet Collins

John is a lifelong farmer from Murdock, NE who used his understanding of hay and animal nutrition to transform his original company, Oxbow Hay Company, from a local hay supplier into Oxbow Animal Health, an international supplier of high quality pet nutrition and health products. John travels extensively, and enjoys golf and Husker football.

How I Use Altiplano products
I love the comfortable warmth of llama fabric. I wear Altiplano clothing daily during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Whether it’s cool or cold, Altiplano garments are just right. They’re great for my daily routine in the office, on the production floor, in the warehouse, and in the field. The clothing is unfazed by dust and hay leaves and doesn’t carry any of the associated odors.
Most Impressive performance feature
My favorite piece is the wind shirt. I travel the intermountain west, personally inspecting and testing the hay we purchase for use in Oxbow products. I’m in and out of the truck and the weather is typically bad or moving that direction. All I need is my wind shirt to know that I can handle the conditions. It’s great when traveling abroad as well. I know if the weather is cold and /or damp I can wear this garment for travel, meetings, dinner, etc. and be comfortable and look good. I wear it to Husker games if the weather is going to be cool or downright miserable. Cool season golf is enjoyable wearing this pullover.
Most Surprising Feature
I’m pleasantly surprised by how good the fabric looks after extensive wear. It does not pill and looks new until it’s threadbare. Even then it’s still warm and comfortable. The most impressive aspect of the fabric is its comfort range. To be comfortable outside in cold weather and remain comfortable and not overheat when I go inside is really remarkable.

Unfiltered Testimony

My Windshirt Experience
I wear the wind shirt so frequently that the staff gives me a hard time. I have all three colors, but they still call it my Oxbow uniform. My wife says I’ll be buried with that piece on me. I know I’ll be protected whatever conditions I encounter. It may be where I learn to really appreciate that the fiber is flame retardant.
Daniel Wright
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