Paul Ludwick

Custom Home Builder
Loveland, CO
Favorite Altiplano Garment
Windshirt & Pullover Vest
Chet Collins

Paul is a custom home builder in the Loveland/Ft. Collins area of Northern Colorado. He and his wife, Patti, founded PJL Custom Homes, LLC. Paul is an avid golfer and golfs all seasons.

How I Use Altiplano products
I wear the pullover vest, wind shirt, and Cuzco vest. I can put them over different combinations of polo shirts, collared shirts, turtle necks, etc. for a variety of looks that disguise the repetitive wear these pieces get. I know that I’m protected and ready for the variables my days present regardless the combination I choose. Their natural cleanliness keeps them available in my closet and not in the laundry room.
Most Impressive performance feature
I have been wearing Altiplano clothing since 2002 and consider it a part of my business and daily life. The weather is quite variable in Northern Colorado and changes quickly. Daily, I’m circling from interior environments to the outdoors and back. My days are spent meeting with clients, visiting construction sites, working in the office, and travelling between appointments. The ability of Altiplano clothing to handle these changing environments and to look good doing it is a real asset. I go from one environment to the next in total comfort. I like that I don’t have to protect the clothing on the visits to a job site and I’m always presentable when I meet with clients.
Most Surprising Feature
The stain resistance of the fabric is a real asset. The environments I’m in, expose me to materials that can cause significant stains with only incidental contact. It’s reassuring that I don’t need to be worried about ruining a favorite piece of clothing in an unguarded moment. The lack of static electricity also keeps lint and materials particles from collecting on the pieces.

Unfiltered Testimony

My Llama Fiber Experience
I really like the clothing for golfing in marginal weather. I golf when the schedule allows it and it may not be the best weather. The llama fabrics really offer good protection from wind, moisture, and cold that can make a round of golf miserable if not impossible and they’re great for the cool early morning rounds when tee times are readily available. I like that the comfort is even and that I don’t constantly have to put on and take off to be comfortable. The light weight of the pieces lets me move freely and lets me put a piece in my bag to protect if I misread the day’s weather. My favorite course is in NE and I’ve even purchased pieces for staff that need to be out in the various weather extremes of that climate. I appreciate their work and I appreciate knowing they have the best protection.
Paul Ludwick
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